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دورة انقاذ من تاريخ 2024/5/22 الى تاريخ 2024/5/28

يعلن الإتحاد اللبناني للغوص و الإنقاذ عن إقامة دورة للإنقاذ من تاريخ 2024/05/22 و حتى 2024/05/28

This committee was established with the desire of its founders to work to organize all sports subject matter and help all divers who did not complete their courses whatever their degrees to complete under the auspices of the Federation Committee and attract the largest possible number of divers, coaches and clubs to build together the next stage of this sport at all levels and then we present a model for work Fruitful collective on the level of modernization and development in order to converge with what the countries have reached in this regard.

Our mission is to create a new network

for all diving lovers and diving experts

and to be mastering that field as it desserve.

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